Upon receiving materials for publication, the executive secretary enters all the information  into the database and forwards the article to the editor.

The editor evaluates the article in view of the criteria system set by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for the journals entered into the Registry of the leading academic review journals published in Russia. The main findings of the postgraduate and doctorate research should be published in journals entered into the Registry.

Henceforth, the article is forwarded to the editorial board that decides on the advisability of publishing the article.

The editor assigns reviewers with the approval from the editorial staff. The reviewers should hold postgraduate or doctorate degree and be acknowledged experts in the corresponding field of pedagogics or psychology.

The reviewers evaluate the content of the articles and provide their reviews within 14 days upon receiving the article. The review includes evaluation of relevance and originality of research, its theoretic, academic and practical value, possible area of application, its drawbacks and feedback for revision. The review is signed by the reviewer and stamped by    the institution where he/she is employed.

Upon receiving a positive review, the editorial staff makes the final decision on date of publication and the placement of the article in the appropriate journal chapter. In case of a negative review, the editorial staff has the right to refuse publishing the article or to suggest the author to revise it in light of the feedback provided.

The author is informed of the decision of the editorial staff by post or e-mail.