The Journal of Secondary Vocational Education has been included into the Russian List of Journals Indexed (RLJI). RLJI is a nationwide informational and analytical system that includes over 4.7 million works of Russian authors and the appropriate citation information. This information is necessary for timely provision of up-to-date reference data for research and study projects. Besides, it serves as a powerful instrument to evaluate the effectiveness and productivity of research bodies, individual researchers, and a variety of academic periodicals.

There are over 45,000 periodicals registered in the RLJI.
Number of Russian periodicals registered: 8,460
Number of full text periodicals registered: 7,632
Number of Russian full text periodicals registered: 3,224

The impact factor (citation index) for the Journal of Secondary Vocational Education is determined on a regular basis and serves as an objective criterion of the relevance and effectiveness of the journal.

As of  2015, the impact factor (citation index) of the journal equals to 0,507.